The Best Routes For Central Factors In Weightlifting

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For many of these female athletes, weightlifting is about breaking barriers while building muscle. "Talk about empowering for women, to find other women who have the same interests and are as driven and dedicated as they are and willing to continue to change the status quo in terms of what women can do and the way they're viewed," explains Papandrea. "It's definitely empowering and especially where I'm from, there's not many other women doing this, so having the opportunity to come up here and you know, train with these women is pretty amazing," says weightlifter Trudy Delorey. Women's Olympic weightlifting was introduced into the Olympics at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia, and the sport has grown steadily since. "We've seen a huge growth in our sport, particularly with female athletes within the past couple of years. We're still very under-represented from a coaching and official standpoint, particularly at the National and higher levels," says Amanda Thompson of the N.S. Weightlifting Association. "We don't have as many coaches as we do athletes, and very often we see men coaching women, less often do we see women coaching men, but women can do both. They can coach women, they can coach men, they can go from being an athlete to being an elite coach," explains Papandrea. The women learn weightlifting is not just picking up the bar and putting it down.

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