A Further Analysis Of Uncomplicated Systems In Powerlifting

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Donegal powerlifter Paulina Coleman vows to bounce back after positive dope test that saw her hit with two-year ban Paulina tested positive at the World Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation’s Single Lift Championships, where she won three gold medals POWERLIFTER Paulina Coleman has vowed to bounce back after her positive dope test. Donegal powerlifter Paulina Coleman has been banned for two-years But the Donegal woman said: “I will continue to work hard at and for this sport. I will not be put down, I refuse to dwell or be ashamed and I will compete and thrive in this sport.” She tested positive at the World Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation’s Single Lift Championships, where she won three gold medals. Furious Coleman yesterday said she wasn’t aware that she was breaking the rules at the June event in Malta — and blamed an ingredient in a pre-work out drink. The Stranorlar ­athlete said she had previously checked the beverage was OK on anti-doping sites. She said: “The two ingredients I was banned for were under ­different names . . . but even when I put their chemical names into the site there where given the all-clear. So how is anyone to know?” A number of League of Ireland clubs are living well beyond their means Roman Abramovich 'has put Chelsea football club on the market for £2bn' Coleman, who is being supported by her weightlifter husband Mick ­Coleman, added: “No one can imagine how upset and truly hurt I am, I work so hard at this sport. “I train most days twice a day me and Mick Coleman have worked so hard to grow this sport in Donegal, and this is such a ­distressing Best Exercise Equipment thing to happen.” Donegal athletes won ten medals at the event.

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